Compliance Tracking Virtual Assistant

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I was living under the constant stress of missing compliances and deadlines. Every moment, I kept reminding myself of the different tax payments, credit card due dates, events to attend, and like. I even missed a few telephone bills and credit card payments.

This happened because I remembered 20 but forgot 1 or 2. Funny? Actually, it hurt badly because my work was getting hampered due to this constant stress.

As we have a software development company, I got my team to develop a simple-to-use software so that I can delegate the job of remembering these dates and reminding me daily about the upcoming payments and activities. The result of this was the virtual assistant called CTRACKER.

Now, whenever I have any compliances and deadlines, or important dates to remember, I ask CTRACKER to track these for me. It faithfully sends a reminder to me at 7 am every day about the activities for the day and in the near future as per the reminder schedule I give to it.

Why do I love this software?

Because we developed it! Haha. No, that’s not the only reason. I think the biggest benefit that I have gotten by using this software is that it keeps on reminding me daily, even after the due date has passed until I mark the work as done. Unlike Google Calendar (which I used for some time as temp relief), it does not forget after the due date is gone.

Ok, here is one more reason. This software works equally well on a mobile phone. Who is strapped to the laptop the whole day? We are all on the move regularly and there must be some way to refer to our things-to-do and important dates at any time. BTW, no app to download. Just log in and use it! Cool, no?

Want some more reasons? I know you are so demanding!

I am equally demanding as you are. So we added a category option to the software so that we can filter the vast list to focus on a certain category of deadlines and compliances.

We also added a way to track the work for multiple companies. See them all or focus on one company at a time.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I have hugely benefitted from the use of this virtual assistant who does not take any leave, does not get tired and does not miss any assignments. I thought it prudent to invite you to try it and then if you find it useful too, start using it for yourself. You can request a FREE demo here.

All the best!