Have you seen this promising new site?

Today I came across a very interesting new site that let’s you make blog posts by email. Are you thinking – "that’s nothing new"? Wait till you learn about all it can do…

You can attach a large number of file types to your blog post and it will automatically convert them to the appropriate way to be consumed easily. So your URLs will be automatically hyperlinked and Youtube links (and links from several other video distribution sites) will show up as embedded video. Attach a few photos and they will be shown in an image gallery format after auto-resizing.

They do clever things to several types of attachments and I think you should rather experience it yourself rather than let me rattle on.

Tip: After you have emailed them your first post, you will receive an email confirmation. Click on the link that says "Click here to edit or remove" and change your URL. It might look like arun_dewqr.posterous.com but you can change it to something like ebizindia.posterous.com.