Online Catalog – Keep Selling to International Customers 24×7

Do you sell designer products like jute and cotton bags, printed and embroidered fabrics, garments or leather goods? Are you worried about the lost business opportunities due to stoppage of international flights and exhibitions? This online catalog software can help.

Online catalog software

While it is nearly impossible to show your designs and products in person, you can use the catalog software to bring all your designs in one place and tag these to your customers. The customers can see the various products and their specs by simply logging in to your catalog. They can then send an inquiry by email or WhatsApp – either for an individual product or several products that they have shortlisted.

How does an online catalog help?

  1. Your customers can see your products in full glory because the online catalog has the option of showing up to 6 images per product – you can show close-ups, different colour options, or different views like the front, side and back.
  2. The catalog is organised in categories and hence, it is quite easy for them to locate their preferred products.
  3. Both of you don’t need to be online at the same time. They can see the designs at a time of their choice and convenience.
  4. You don’t have to email designs because these can get lost in the large volume of emails and they will not have it handy when they are planning to place the order.
  5. Upload once and show to multiple customers.
  6. You can even hold virtual exhibitions by creating a new range and inviting your customers to check this out.

No technical mumbo-jumbo to tackle!

You don’t need to be or hire a techie to manage this catalog. We host, install and upgrade the software ourselves. You can just login, upload your designs and let your customers see them. Similarly, your customers can just login and use the software from any computer or mobile phone.

Easy to use!

As software designers with 30+ years of experience, we know how complicated software can be off-putting. You are business owners, not software wizards (if you are, wow). Our biggest focus is on making the software very easy to use for you and your customers.


This is the biggest consideration after ease of use in my opinion. You will be surprised at the very low investment required to use this software. There is no capital expense, just a small yearly fee and you are sorted! In fact, there is an early bird price at the time of writing this post.

How to see a demo!

Of course. How can you decide without seeing a demo of the software? We walk our talk. When we say, you don’t need to be present in person to sell your goods, we don’t need to be present in person to show you the demo either. 🙂

Just click here, check out more details of the software and ask for a FREE demo. We will show you the power and ease of use online! You can welcome to ask any number of questions you have. We love when our customers want to know more.