Are you checking your business and personal health regularly?

Recently my wife was diagnosed with a pretty serious ailment requiring a long and expensive treatment. We got wind of this during one of the master health check ups. Another close relative, whom we literally forced to undergo a health check up discovered major thyroid deficiency. This reminded me of the age-old maxim – “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Are you undergoing any comprehensive health check-ups at least once a year? If not, please do so asap. I am sincerely hoping you will find everything is in order and will continue to go about your day to day work in the same earnest. However, if any trouble is brewing, you will get an early warning and be able to sort it out with the help of your physician before it develops into any big nuisance.

I am sure you understand the implications of ignoring this critical step. Not only you will suffer physically, you will have to spend more in solving the bigger problem later as well as lose time that you could invest in growing your business.

Talking of business, you need to undertake master health check ups for your business too. Identify the key points like number of clients, topline and bottomline, business per client, top 10 clients, top 10 products and like and monitor these regularly so that you can identify any problem signs before they become a serious threat.

You love yourself and your business, don’t you? Please don’t leave them to chance. Take a bold step – today!