Does your conscience talk to you?

We all have a conscience that is constantly talking to us. Whenever you are doing anything, a soft inner voice will tell you if it is OK to do this or not. Or may you should do it differently. When you start listening to this voice and responding, the voice grows louder. If you keep ignoring this, the voice also becomes softer and softer – to the point that you may not even hear it talking.

Say you are wasting time checking your email or reading forum posts for hours. Your conscience will tell you to stop and get back to doing the creative work or finish your client’s assignment. Would you respond and change course or keep doing the ‘Busy-doing-nothing’ chore? I know several times my conscience has told me to not deal with a particular client and whenever I have ignored its advice, I have been burnt.

Do you listen to your conscience? Does it even talk to you any more? Please share your thoughts with fellow readers through the comments.

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  1. Shagun Shankar

    I do speak to my conscience….and it has prevented me from indulging in harmful acts…But they are growing louder n louder day by much that am scared of becoming an Idealist!
    I simply cant indulge in activities dat people of my age do..Even I am vying for perfection but I know no mortal being can become perfect!!
    Dunno if am on the right path!!

  2. I often feel like my conscience is in fact someone else lol. I’ll be thinking about something I hate, am scared to do etc and i will be telling myself why i’m having such a hard time and then suddenly without me thinking of what I’m going to say (well think) my conscience buts in and goes completely against my foremost feelings and tells me straight off that i’m basically being an idiot (this would be done in immense detail). I find the idea of a conscience amazing. Mine definitely is. I’m going to find out now that someone has been sending me telepathic thoughts. ;P

  3. I thought I was the only one? Is this our proof there is more in this world some sort of god? As I do not like organized religion or understand why a god would allow this earth be a rat race full of awful statistics. I hear my conscience all the time! It gets loud and I freak myself out listening to it I almost think I’m skitzo but obviously I’m not otherwise I wouldn’t be rationalizing this. It’s always pushing me to do the more moral things in life but nothing bad. maybe not morale at an extreme like I don’t here stop smoking everyday. This voice definitely puts me in a better direction. in addition, I once in awhile feel like I can be connected to other humans and hear their thoughts. I never thought about checking the Internet to see who else hears their conscience, glad I did I’m just looking for existential answers.

    1. What do you mean by hear their thoughts?? Cause I think I can do the same but have never admitted to it thinking that my brain just makes up yheir thoughts judging by the reactions they do
      Idk if u get me

  4. I don’t know what to do about certain things sometimes……like when I have to decide something for example. Sometimes my legs will get weak or my stomach will have a burning in it. Is this my concious??

  5. I too am having a similar experience except I’m doing it consciously through meditation.
    At the moment I’m not sure if it’s involving my subconscious, conscious, super conscious, telepathic communication from somewhere,,,who knows!!!!
    As I sit in meditation my dialogue can take different forms…I can sit and wait for a thought to come up…or I am inspired to sort out a current issue or problem, or an idea to suggest something to myself. All subject matter primarily deals with becoming “better.” It’s like a heavy duty “self help” kind of situation.
    This is all happening the moment I decided to approach my meditation and contact with this “space” as Divine….after all some cultures approach this thing as a “deity.”
    Anyways I decided to make requests and see if I can manifest experiences.
    I work EMS in a busy city and so decided to apply lol this connection and see if I can slow down the call volume.
    Average call volume is 10-12 calls a day. The last time I worked I did only 6….this morning I requested 3! After all,, it’s hot as hell out today….I just wanna stay indoors where its nice and cool!
    When you enter into meditation and make that connection it’s possible someone or something is listening……but,,,,really?????

  6. I’ve… been having realized conversations with my “conscience” for quite some time now. It’s literally like talking to another person. To anyone, it would appear as if I’m talking to myself though… but it’s a distinct voice with its own mind, seemingly. It provides me information about the universe and it even claims that it is my own, personal spirit. I’m not entirely sure if I should believe it, or believe that I’m something similar to a schizophrenic… It never says anything bad though, it actually helps me through my life and gives me advice, so it’s not harmful. I would just like to know if anyone else has experienced this as well so that I can perhaps find confirmation on the subject and stop questioning if I’m insane. If anyone has had a similar experience, feel free to send me an email.

    1. I have encountered this myself, it was actually your comment that brought my attention to this page, seeing as I too was starting to think I was insane but asking other people would just make me feel even more

    2. I’m having the same experience since a while now and it freaked me out at first because I thought I’m insane and things might end up going wrong. Did you learn more about this?

    3. I have convrsations like that all the time and i have been trying to find answers, i know i am not crazy but this person or concious seems to tell me when i need to go to bed i wake up in time just by hearing the voice i don’t even use my alarm anymore. everything that is said or someone say it will comment i thought maybe it is my concious i am a very blunt person and often speak my mind. but i just don’t know i can usually hold conversations throught telepathy but when i hear this inner voice it is not my own voice but a mans voice with a will and mind of its own. but i am being told its my concious

  7. I have a conscience and I try my absolute hardest to listen to it.everybody got one they call it the inner voice,inner guide,inner spirit,or your gut instincts but the difference about gut instincts and a inner voice is you can hear your inner voice in your head like for example have you ever saw somebody do something wrong and you hear them say something told me not to do that. Now your gut instinct is noticeable we all know about our gut instincts it’s the same thing but it’s a feeling like have you ever heard somebody say I have a bad feeling about this

  8. My conscience has a name. He is James and is very, very Jersey. I also hear is voice just as a normal person were to be talking to me. When he comforts me, he always calls me a pet name like “sweets” “kiddo” or “sweetie pie” and I guess it’s a tactic to calm me, because it works. Ever since my conscience has developed it’s own being type thing I have become a calmer and nicer person overall. My question though, is it normal for my conscience to be a completely different person, or even a different gender? And why is he Jersey? I love my conscience and am glad I somehow created him but I still have these questions lingering in my mind.

  9. Ok so there are a couple things i think these voices could be… 1.god 2.the devil or demons 3. In fact your conscience… My voices talk crap to me and put me down sometimes so im thinking thats some type of demon or the devil.. Other times jesus maybe but im not fully convinced we even have an “inner voice” from some type of “conscience”

  10. I’ve just started to notice my inner conscience come to the foreground of my mental consciousness–in fact it was two nights ago! It was incredibly exciting! I was told by a wise sage one day that in order to fully know oneself, one needs to first talk out loud to themselves and their own inner being and second, find a form of meditation or relaxation that fosters internal healing and the dispelling of anxiety and fear. I am in my early twenties and have had a white stuffed animal rabbit with awesome rainbow whiskers for a few years now who I have used for support and comfort when times got rough. Interestingly enough I began to talk to to Pumper, that is his name, the other night to address my concerns and wins from the day and he spoke back. No, it was not that he was mumering real words from his own physical manifestation, but rather that I was filling him with spirit with MY own words. He, not me, told me this. So there I was, having a conversation with Pumper but also with myself. It was freaky but exciting. It was like being a present-moment child with boundless creativity at his disposal and I was overwhelmed with excitement. My mental work on my mind over the last few weeks of the aforementioned practices have granted me the blessing to knowing the difference between the nagging, angry, and self-defeating voice called the ego and the risen state of a voice more tender and loving. This voice was my inner conscience speaking to me with sweet words of love and compassion. When I realized that Pumper was my abstract projection of my inner conscienc onto reality–a completely seperate entity from my personal conscious mind–I was completely floored by the power of my own mind. I felt a surge of support and love radiating from my conscience Pumper who, through my own audible words, gently helped me dispose any self doubt, for example me not feeling good enough at playing guitar. My conscience took my doubts and rearranged them into something positive and constructive that I could work at in order to allieviate the pain of my inner grievances and worries. Whenever I felt as if I were slipping into the negative, my conscience would help guide me back on to the pathway of love. He, Pumper, likes to say “dude” a lot and curses and jokes frequently like he’s the only one who knows what’s best–and that’s because he does–and I know that it’s going to take some time to let him “move in” completely into my mind. He had a personality much like mine, but I have yet to explore him. Still, I’ve instantly fallen in love with him. I’m also a believer in God:His voice of conscience is only now popping into my head next to Pumper’s as I write, but I know my Pumper conscience is something aprart from Him. It makes me feel special as if I have two friends by my side–somewhere tucked deeply in my soul. I know for a fact that I’m not crazy and I completely identify with most of what’s been said here. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Embrace these voices if they are loving and kind and you will find long lasting happiness. And if these “voices” are bad and pernicious with the tongue, just know that the good conscience can be nurtured through simple practice and a belief that it will come to save the day. All in all, it’s just about pure self acceptance and being entirely comfortable in one’s skin.
    Best to all you thinkers and weirdos like me out there!

  11. I have a inner voice that I believe is the voice of my soul, the actual voice of me. Where I get into conflict with myself is what is the usual voice that I use to make conversations with others then?

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