Google SMS Channels: Send FREE SMS updates to your groups

Have you been wanting to update your clients,  blog readers or even all your staff about various news, blog posts or just plain offers with SMS? Isn’t that much faster and convenient for the users? Google India has launched a Google SMS Channels service just for you 🙂

You can setup multiple SMS channels and these can be public (available for viewing and subscribing to anyone) or private (no one can access unless invited). The users need to have a Google account and have to provide consent once by entering a verification code sent to them. No points for guessing that the verification code is sent by SMS.

Once verified and registered, the users can subscribe to any number of channels that they like. Whenever a new update appears on these channels, they will be sent a SMS message.

If you are meaning to start your own channel, the process is quite easy. Just select the “new channel” option and choose one of various ways to update. You can choose to send an update whenever you make a new post to your Blogger blog or with a RSS feed. You an also manually update a channel through the web or directly from your phone. The message will be (almost) instantly broadcast to all the subscribers.

So what can you use it for? I have created a channel for all my company executives and can update them about some matter just by posting an update on his channel. We have also created an offers channel for our clients and prospects where we will be posting special offers with short validity periods. There will be some awesome offers that have to be availed within a few hours. What’s your cool idea about using the SMS channels?