IT Niketan, a new initiative by Nasscom

I recently attended IT Niketan, a new initiative by Nasscom to bring together and empower the designers, developers and the testers of the IT industry. The energy of the attendees was infectious and most of the people stayed till the end to consume the nuggets shared by the speakers. The speakers also had a wide range of profiles, from veterans who has clocked 35 years to recent pass-outs.

While I definitely enjoyed the discussions on designing and development, I was most thrilled to see ‘testing’ get the attention and importance it deserves. Whether you have designed a website or coded a fabulous new application, the testers ensure that there are no crippling bugs and errors that will bring down the whole system and cause you immense loss of reputation and business.

This eco-system has to be carefully nurtured so that the young and energetic people can contribute meaningfully to their companies and enhance their personal careers in the process. I will be happy to help them in any way I can.