Nasscom Emergeout – More Takeways

nasscom conclave delhiYou have already seen some takeaways I had from the Nasscom Emergeout session at Delhi. Here are some more.

  • With good innovation, brand and size limitations can be tackled.
  • Intel has an app centre for Netbooks (
  • We are at crossroads – need to combine mobile usage with computing.
  • Location based services are very important.

Here are some more notes from different sessions focussing on entrepreneurial spirit:

  • Entrepreneurs need to have ability to do things in parallel (don’t spread yourself too thin though).
  • 80/20 does work – don’t look for perfection – improve things gradually.
  • Focus on the broad plan – all detailed business plans get haywire on the first contact with consumers.
  • It is very important to have a good understanding of the consumer/customer psyche and needs/problems.
  • A local contact in the geography you are serving, can be very important in understand the customers and improve the speed at which you succeed.
  • Try to validate your key assumptions with customers. Fail fast, if you must.

Hope you will be able to employ some of these and improve your results with the implementation.

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