Your local business needs a web site too

Here’s an interesting (but true) story:

Last Sunday I suddenly realized that I need a new photo for my visa and wanted to call my favorite photo studio to check if they are open. But I did not have their phone number ready. So I googled for their name but no luck. They did not have any web presence. The local business owner must have thought that he does not need to be on the Internet because he is just serving a small neighborhood.

Guess what! I then googled “photo Sunday” + my locality and got a few responses. I identified the one closest to my home, called them to make sure they are open, and got a photo taken. What is your take-home lesson from this story?

You should get a web site developed and put your detailed contact information, address, driving directions if possible, open times, owner details, service details, and all other relevant information on your site. This helps people easily locate you when they need your service. If you do not have a good web designer in mind and are feeling a little bit adventurous, why not use this service for a low budget and powerful tool?

You must definitely explore the Google Business site and add your details there.