Nasscom Emergeout – HR Takeaways

nasscom conclave delhiYou have already seen my notes from the Nasscom Emergeout here and here. In this last instalment, I cover the notes related to HR. Is any meet of entrepreneurs complete without discussing HR issues?

  • Your need to hire an A-team to get on to a good start.
  • You cannot do everything yourself; get people who are smart, will add value and may even be knowing more than you.
  • Attitude with raw talent can outperform experience.
  • Try to encourage a ‘no-sir’ culture. Encourage people who dare to say no-sir to your hypothesis based on their domain knowledge and will not meekly accept anything you say.
  • Your consultants, partners and co-founders should always be debating and challenging you. This churning brings out the best ideas to the top.
  • The right people can help you scale up much faster and higher.
  • Maintaining the values of your organisation is an important challenge when scaling up. Trying to motivate 800 people is much harder than motivating 80-100 people. It is an entirely different HR challenge.
  • In your organisation, while most of the people look at maintaining the momentum and doing routine things, there must be at least people who are willing to push the envelope.
  • Experience has much lesser importance in the IT / Internet business. We need high IQ, raw talent and a burning desire to achieve results.
  • Hire people for attitude and not experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading these takeaways. Please post a comment here if you have a rejoinder. I am sure there are other great notes that you have taken and I have missed. You are also welcome to post those. Thanks!