Are you aware of the Heart Kids Tweetathon?

chdbutton.gifDr. Mani Sivasubramanian, a child heart specialist does a blogathon (blogs for 24 hours at a stretch) on September 15th every year. He won’t be doing the blogathon this year. Why?

Because this year, he is doing a Tweetathon 🙂 In view of the popularity of the Twitter platform, he will be tweeting for 24 hours at a stretch, on September 12th. The primary purpose of this exercise is to raise awareness about the Congenital Heart Disease. While surgery for the CHD costs much more in USA and other advanced countries, a tiny sum of about $2,500 can cure one child of the dreaded disease.

While I have been cheering Dr. Mani from the sidelines for the last few years, this year I will be joining him more seriously. I will be a doing a mini Tweet-a-thon for 6 hours, along with Dr. Mani. Yes, I sincerely believe in his cause and strongly feel that we Internet marketers should contribute as much as we feel comfortable with (even $5 is ok, drops can fill an ocean) for such a noble cause. If nothing else, this spreads good Karma.

I intend to give out some nice reports only to my Twitter audience, so feel free to follow me at Twitter and cheer us up. Thanks for your support.

Update: A few people have asked me how they can contribute to the CHD foundation. You can visit this site and read more about the work that Dr. Mani is doing.