Using Twitter in Hindi and Other Indian Languages

I just ran an interesting experiment – posting on Twitter in Hindi. जी हाँ – अब आप हिन्दी में Twitter का प्रयोग कर सकते हैं|

If people can use Twitter without having to resort to English, I think instant micro-communication will get a big boost among Indians.

I know for sure that English speaking people in India are taking up Twitter in large numbers. Once this picks up in Hindi and other Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Oriya also, it will revolutionise thw way people in India communicate.

The biggest challenge to using Twitter in Hindi (or other Indian languages) was ‘how to type the vernacular message’. This can become very easy if you use a great site – You can type your message there, copy and paste in Twitter and Bingo! Try it – you will love it.

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5 thoughts on “Using Twitter in Hindi and Other Indian Languages”

  1. This is a nice editor. One of the application I can think of English itself can be written in Hindi. So the reader knows exactly how the words are pronounced.

    There is an opportunity:

    1. Teach English speaking people how to write in Hindi
    2. Then English speaking people can write English in Hindi and they don’t have to bother about pronunciation any more


    Santosh Puthran

  2. That is why we have come up with , No more copying and pasting. Now you can easily tweet in Indian languages, Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada , Malayalam and whole lot are supported now.

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