Shivyog: Spiritual Upliftment for Peace and Tranquility

Recently I attended a camp on Shivyog and had a chance to listen to some great spiritual discourses by none other than Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji. It was a fantastic epxerience and I am certain that my life is going to completely change from now on. In fact the changes have already started and I have much lesser stress now, with vastly improving personal relations with people around me.

If you care, here are the main concepts of the Shivyog school of thought.

1. Forgiveness

If you have been harboring a complain against anyone, it is going to affect you severely in terms of poor health. Think of the incident as a gone case and forgive the person. You may think of some good thing he/she had done for you, however small, which brought happiness to you to ease this forgiving process. When you do so, you will be taking a heavy load off your chest and help your health system get rid of the toxins.

Similarly, if you have done something wrong to anyone, ask for forgiveness from that person (in your heart). Don’t bother whether he/she forgives you or not. Once you have asked for forgiveness with your clear conscience, you release a heavy load from your chest.

2. Gratitude

Have a feeling of gratitude for everyone you come across. You should be thankful to your spouse, relatives, customers and vendors for whatever they have done for you. Babaji says “Even though you may feel that they have made your life hell and how can you thank them, remember of one good thing or one good moment they gave you and thank them for that.”

This feeling of gratitude generates a high level of positive energy and helpful hormones in your body.

3. Unconditional love

You should have a feeling of unconditional love for everyone around you and those coming in contact with you. This is infectious and if you love them without placing a condition, they cannot ignore your feelings. You cannot say “I will love my wife if she cooks well for me or I will love my husband if he takes me out for dinner tonight.” Then it becomes conditional love.

Well, Shivyog is a vast subject that aims to lift your spirituality to very high levels and this is just a taste of some basic concepts. I wish you all the best in anything you do and sincerely thank you for being a reader.