Take Thyroid Medicines? Here’s the right way!

A close relative was taking her thyroid medicines (Thyronorm, some people take Eltroxin) regularly but her TSH levels kept going higher and higher (indicating more and more thyroid shortage). When we discussed this with the endocrinologist (the thyroid specialist), we were told that she was misguided about the correct process of taking these medicines.

Best way to take Thyroid medicines

The doctor suggested her to follow the following process:

  • 1. Take Thyronorm (or Eltroxin) at a fixed time every day.
  • 2. Take it on empty stomach.
  • 3. Keep at least 30-45 mins gap before you take tea/coffee/milk.
  • 4. Keep at least 60 mins gap before you eat something.
  • 5. Keep at least 4 hours gap before you take medicines like:
    a. Sucralphate, Rantac (acid relieving, PPI class medicines)
    b. Udiliv
    c. Calcium, Iron
  • 6. Do not mix the brands. If you are prescribed Thyronorm, stick to it. If you are prescribed Eltroxin, stick to it.
  • 7. If the thyroid medication dose has been changed, you should retest T3/T4/TSH levels after 5-6 weeks. It is quite difficult to see tangible changes before that.

Within a week of changing the process, she started seeing a major improvement in the health and the TSH level came to 2/3rd of the original level.

How are you taking your Thyroid medicines? If you are making a similar mistake, please correct and soon things will start improving. All the best!


Please note that I have compiled this guide in my personal capacity to help you as a patient based on the suggestion by a doctor. This information cannot be treated as professional advice and you should consult your doctor for the best way to handle your medical condition.

I will not be held responsible for any actions you take or do not take based on this advice.