Rahul Gandhi Should focus on Motivating Indian Youth

Rahul Gandhi - face of Indian youthIndian general elections 2009 are over and the results are out. UPA, led by Congress has won by a thumping majority and I am hoping that they will take some important steps to take the country forward. I think the most important phenomenon in these elections is the active role played by Rahul Gandhi, who like his father, carries a pleasing and active attitude.

I am seriously hoping that Rahul will focus on motivating the youth of India to play a constructive role in implementing growth strategies by employing technology to further the cause of the general citizen, more so for the middle class. If new policies are announced that will use the immense power of the youth (both quantity and energy), both the individual citizen and the country as a whole has a lot to gain.

Let us deploy the seniors in the government to look after home, finance and external affairs because they have the experience to form those policies and interact with other country heads. The young and dynamic people like Rahul Gandhi can look after new technologies like egovernance, sports, infrastructure building and we will have a fine balance of youthful energy and matured politics.

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