How to Land a Coveted Job by Blogging!

As an employer who regularly interviews people, I keep getting requests like these from students and job-seekers: “I will only get 10-15 minutes in the interview. How can I communicate my skills effectively within such a short time?”

If you have ever asked this to anyone (or even yourself), read on…

It is true that a prospective employee gets a very short amount of time in the interview and has to convince the interviewer with his/her technical and human skills. So many people lose a job they were quite fit for, because they get nervous or do not portray a good picture of their skills in the short time available.

The biggest tip that I give to all job-seekers and people who wish to enhance their careers radically is to create a blog to showcase their talent. You can setup a blog for free on or You can also create a blog with your own name but that requires a small investment.

If you make research driven and informative posts (like comments on current happenings related to your field), a prospective employer can gain a very good understanding of your skills and who knows, they may be seeking you rather than you seeking them. In any case, a mere mention on your CV that you maintain a blog on the same topic that you are seeking employment for, can help you get in the short-list without any fuss. Make sure you include a prominent mention on the blog that you are available for hiring. A short blurb in the sidebar should do this job quite well, without getting in the way.

Think about it.