Pradeep Chopra: Wisdom from a Real Estate Guy

Pradeep Chopra of PS Group

Yesterday, I met Pradeep Chopra of the PS Group at the TiE Kolkata Story Session. He is an established real estate guy with a fantastic vision and entrepreneurial temperament. The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees. Here are some interesting tid-bits from his talk:

1. What kind of entrepreneur is one who cannot take risk?

2. Opportunities are everywhere. You have to be able to see an opportunity in everything.

3. Selling is the biggest skill an entrepreneur should have.  Rest follows.

4. If you can sell something even if you don’t have it ready, go ahead. You will get thousands of people who will be happy to provide or build it for you. Selling is the most difficult part and you have cracked that.

5. An office can earn the money for a new house – a new house cannot earn money for a new office. Buy that office first, if you can only afford one.

6. Invest liberally in technology if you do not want to work with a major handicap.

7. You have to get up and go out to spot those fantastic opportunities. Attractive deals don’t walk in to your office
(well mostly).

8. There is no replacement for quality. If your quality is not great, you are bound to lose out – sooner or later.

9. Don’t advertise directly. Invest in advertorials or PR. An endorsement by a real user or a known face beats an
endorsement by a celebrity, hands down.

10. A good partner is a valuable asset. If you hold the same views, one is reduntant. You must agree to disagree. If you hold opposite views, you get the holistic picture.

So what do you say? Agree or disagree? Your comments are vital – please let me know what you feel about his ideology.

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  1. Fantastic tips and compilation of the same 😉 Thank you.

    I liked this one the most:
    “7. You have to get up and go out to spot those fantastic opportunities. Attractive deals don’t walk in to your office”

    So true. As business grows, we stop going out and looking at things. We must do it more often to get cracking!

    I am amazed how he saw the “tombstone” business in Germany and got a crack at it.

    Business is simple, if we keep it simple 🙂


  2. Excellent compilation Arun.

    In the context of “opportunity”, I recall a comment made by the CEO, an entrepreneur, of the first company I joined in the US. He said, “….everyone told me so and I kept on looking for opportunity until I realized that I should, instead, be looking for chaos, ’cause that’s where lies the opportunity”.

  3. Excellent ‘My Story’ Session ! What Amitabh Bachchhan did on screen, he did in real life. And that did not stop him from looking at new opportunities. Good compilation Arun ji. I liked his idea of End-User PR & advertising (point no.9). How real, cost effective and effective!


  4. That was a great story session. Had lots to take home from that. Just to add to those “take aways”, what i found in him was that we was very positive towards his approach. A belief on himself.

  5. I loved them all specially #10 — I am a new entrepreneur myself, treading into the unknown world of media advertising and the choice of a partner who sometimes disagrees is so important. One makes better discussions and decisions with a partner who at times disagrees with you and gives valuable advice instead of agreeing with you all the time.
    Sushmita Datta

  6. sujata singhal.....

    I agree with all your feedback Arunji… superb compilation….since i attended the story session with pradipji, i was also left soo motivated.

  7. mr chopara is not only a good human being but also his ambitions towards social work is also very high.I request him to take classesa not only entrepreneurs but also those who are not thinking to be entrepreneur. i think that will be more contribution of mr Chopara towards our society.

  8. I have known Chopraji for a while and cannot agree more.I admire is vision to go beyond the prescribed scope of work and lead by example.His intellectual and writing abilities only add to his well rounded persona.Sometime back I had read the biography of Daewoo’s Chairman ,Mr.Kim Woo Choong -“Every Street is paved with Gold” – which is reminicent of many of the good traits which Choppraji possesses.
    Thanks for sharing his inputs.

  9. Prof.Dr.Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar

    I met Pradipji couple of years back through my schoolmate Ashutosh Dixit who incidently is the Regional Director of DHL Danzas and the first thing that struck me about him was the child like simplicity and exuberance.I have availed time and again any opportunity to connect with him.I always used to address him as a giant straddling both the worlds of business and education!He has a profound sage like vision.My passion for entrepreneurship was fueled by him time and again.
    I gleaned so many priceless pearls from him!Would like to share some with you all.
    1.If it’s not broken, break it. That’s how new discoveries are made. That’s why everything that changes life is called a breakthrough.
    2. Only choose a goal that – if you had to – you’d gladly pursue for free. In order to achieve success, you’ve got to follow your passion.
    3. Enthusiasm is like a wonderful disease – keep spreading it until everyone’s infected.
    4. Study people’s success stories hard. Study their failures even harder.
    5. Being naive in business and in understanding human nature is a recipe for disaster.
    6. Don’t be afraid of embarrassment while pursuing your goal. It’s all part of being committed.
    7. If other people can steal your idea, they most likely will.
    8. Don’t discuss your dreams. Pursue them!
    9. Every day – every few hours – see your vision materialising.
    10. Believe it! Truly, it can be done and it will.
    11.As he says: ‘It ain’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!

  10. Sumita Chakraborti-Ghosh

    Great Compilation.

    We became friends recently. My husband and I both are amazed by his varied level of interests, and commitment.

    Our vision of building an academy was inspired by his support.
    His entrepreneurship in the area of educational reform in Kolkata is encouraging. His tireless effort in establishing the knowledge base institute is contagious.

    His respect for others’ strengths is commendable.

    Last but NOT least: His love and support for KOLKATA is reassuring

    We are glad to have him as friend.

    Sumita Chakraborti-Ghosh, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Special Education

    Soumen N. Ghosh, Ph.D.
    Department Head, Economics and Finance

    Tennessee State University
    Nashville, TN

  11. Hi Arun,
    I don’t know which one I am more impressed with: Pradip’s wise advise or the popularity of your blog. Keep up the good work, buddy.

  12. Considering the recession in US, I am not doing too badly. Will be in India in Dec. We must get together and exchange notes. I am still teaching in the University here.

  13. Hi! I had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Chopra on two occasions and its profound effect and impact on me remains with me till date.

    As stated in your blog, Mr.Chopra’s enthusiasm is infectious and fills one with the energy and vibrancy of “Yes, I can do it” and if one’s mentor and guide is able to infuse within one this spirit and with the value-add ons of his pearls of wisdom – you have it all on a platter – though in the words of Richard Bach -“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.You may have to work for it ,though.” – the operative word being HARD WORK. Mr.Chopra interacts with a sense of camaraderie irespective of age and status and his soft but decisive voice compels one to listen to him intently and he deserves our heartfelt salutations for his endeavours to change the outdated concepts of work culture and methodology of education.I regret that I was unable to attend his lecture at the TiE Kolkata Story Session and it is entirely my loss but for your blogso, thanks!

    Sangeeta Jalan

    1. You are right Sangeeta – his down to earth attitude and energy is infectious. Everyone was clamouring to talk to him after his speech was over (at that TiE event).

  14. Mohammed Asif Iqbal

    I known Pradip Uncle for over 3 years and each time I meet him; I get to learn something new. I am really moved by his statement that search for opportunities outside office.

  15. Hi,

    I have seen Mr.Chopra at work and otherwise and found in him a rare blend of business acumen,wisdom and flair for mass communication. Had the good fortune to work for him as an architect during the preparation of an international bid for a knowledge city being submitted by PS group in association with another developer. I remember the evening before the presentation when we met for dinner. His presentation was to precede mine the next day. He not only was gracious enough to share and show -the small group that we were at dinner that night- his presentation on the concepts of a knowledge campus, but also fine tuning mine by last minute suggestions. His grasp and encouraging attitude and ability to appreciate and direct impressed me most. Our presentations in tandem next day captivated the jury.

    As an individual who thrives on dreams , creative energy and selling of would be futures, I find Mr. Chopra the perfect guide for entrepreneurs-more in the context of Calcutta where the zeal for excellence and the positive will to pursue it is not doing too well.

    I wish that he writes as many books as he can and delivers as many lectures as he can so that many like us benefit. I pray for his long and active life.

    And finally Arun , kudos for starting this blog. It is wonderful. Keep it up.

    Ashish Acharjee

    1. Thanks Ashish for the nice comments. We all sincerely appreciate Pradeepji vision and support for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Hope he keeps on compiling tips and writing books.

  16. Hi,
    I totally agree with Asif Sir, when he said that every time we meet Pradip sir, we get to learn something new.. One of the many qualities which I really appreciate about Sir, is that he is very humble and down to Earth.. Even after being a M.D of the leading real estate company in Kolkata, he takes out time to conduct classes for the development of ones personality. Its really a great job…..
    The compilation made by Arun Sir is really good… I really like point no. 2 and 7.. , All the real estate people should follow Sir’s attitude of work, and thus have a belief in himself…

  17. Santosh Venkatraman

    Those are some really good pointers for entrepreneurs – and coming from a really great person! I am truly amazed by Mr. Chopra’s diverse skill sets, interests and committment to “leveling” the playing field for the disadvantaged.

    Santosh Venkatraman, Professor of Information systems
    Tennesse State University
    Nashville, TN, USA

  18. i m truly inspired by his lectures…i make a point to attaend his classes,trust me guys,this great man will change your attitude towards things in life,,, wateva field you are,you’ll surely succeed if you follow him…. wherever i go,i tk bt his p.d. classes nd ppl r amazed….
    we r glad to have him.


    i think sir, u r simply a person who is down to earth and sir u really changed my life to positiviy. m glad to meet you sir.Thanks for being a part our JDB.and there is no doubt that ur lectures are wonderful.M happy to have 2 times first speaker award given by the gr8 personality.Now i have stated the habit of reading which i never used to ,nt so fast bt trying to do.lastly may u succeed in evry sphere of life

  20. Thanks Arun.
    I have never some across such valuable words of wisdom for entrepreneurs expressed so succinctly a comprehensively. This is like a commandment for all budding enterpreneurs.
    Would also like to add the importance of spreading the word through viral networking, specially through the online social media like Facebook and Twitter. The previous generation were not so lucky in this aspect.

    1. Hi Anagh

      Appreciate your kind words. It will be very kind of you to spread this message to more and more budding entrepreneurs so that their journey is smoother.

  21. Saurav Roychoudhury

    I have known Mr. Pradeep Chopra for about six months but in this short time he has been able to instill a lot of admiration and appreciation. He is a philanthropist, has an insatiable amount of energy.

    I particularly like his comments #1, #2 and #10 and I have conversed with him and have experienced first hand how he sees that opportunities are everywhere. He sees things from an entrepreneur’s eyes and just opens your vision into things which had eluded us.But his talent is not just looking at the opportunities but to proactively transfer the opportunities into action.

  22. The one thing that prevents young people from exploiting their entrepreneurial talents in India (specially in West Bengal) is the overall of inhibition on the part of the Government. The government is still ‘viewed’ as inhibitive and reticent by many young people and Bengal is viewed as totally averse in encouraging new innovative ventures.
    Maybe some light can be shed in how the Bengal government is shedding barriers of entry for younger entrepreneurs who probably are not well connected as established businesses in the area.

    1. Roshan

      While it has been very bad, things are really improving. For example, you get a trade license renewal letter in your office and you do not need to pay grease money to get the renewal done. You can reasonably estimate time taken for reaching somewhere from somewhere. Your staff will get at least something done.

      Way to go but things are not at a standstill.

  23. Professor Dr. Dipayan Biswas

    As others have already pointed out, Pradip’da is an extremely humble and down-to-earth person with a warm and charismatic personality. He is not only a successful entrepreneur, but a great educator, and an overall nice person. I feel privileged to have him as a friend.

    Some very impressive pearls of wisdom have already been posted above. I’ll add a few small nuggets of wisdom to that list.

    Getting out of your comfort zone:
    Anyone who wants to be successful in life (as an entrepreneur or in any other capacity) needs to get out of their “comfort” zone and venture into new (and possibly unknown) territories.

    A dream that gets you going day after day:
    Successful people tend to be driven and motivated by a dream, which can be in the form of ideas/goals. One should have idea(s)/goal(s) that motivate them to get up in the morning (every day) and work towards those ideas/goals.

    Setting Realistic but Hard to Reach Goals:
    One needs to have a delicate balance in setting goals that are both realistic but at the same time also quite difficult to reach. If the goals are too easy to reach, there won’t be much motivational boost in trying to reach those goals. On the other hand, if the goals are impossible to reach, one might totally give up (and not have any motivational boost at all).

    Use both your heart as well as your head:
    One needs to complement analytical skills with gut feelings. While some of us tend to rely more on one of these versus the other, usually the combination of the two leads to the most prudent judgments.

    Dr. Dipayan Biswas
    Bentley University (Massachusetts, USA)

  24. Firstly i would like to relate how working with Sir (Mr. Chopra) is an extremely enriching and humbling experience by itself.He comes across as someone who is not only knowledgeable but also cares to inform and make a difference.
    points 5 and 8 are the most attractive ones for me. I would always keep them in mind.
    If i ever think of becoming an entrepreneur i would distinctly keep in mind never to compromise on quality since it is the only thing that lasts longer than even the entrepreneur himself. Easier said than done, but it should be the benchmark for all.
    As they say ” A fish grows only as big as the bowl it stays in “.

  25. First of all i would like to thank Pradeep sir for giving his valuable time to us for enriching our personality.Frankly speaking I have never come across such a person in my life.He is truly amazing with such a great persona.We learnt to see life in a different perspective.Thank u sir!

    The compilation is really good and inspiring for the young and budding entrepreneurs.I liked point no 2,as i too believe that there are lots of opportunities available everywhere.Its just that we have to scan it and even in problems there lies an oppurtunity for success.IT

  26. Priyanka Khandelwal

    For Sir ( as I designate him)-

    I have not come across someone who is so wildy human and heavenly down to earth!( my choice of words are weird and strange when it comes to Sir) I could not ever have realised his professional achievements; had I not been said. He is so simple and the way he thinks is as simple.After meeting him the first thing that came to my mind was “Great People indeed do things differently.”
    He has been an inner strength to himself. His belief in himself; his confidence in self; and trust on his thinking power are somethings which makes him different.I am sure these are the main course ingridents for making an Entrepreneur!!!! His practical mind and child like simple thinking power is what makes him different from the cattle.I have always wondered if one could possess these two qualities at the same time. And Look, here we have an example.
    His risk taking apetite and ability to learn always makes him unique. This is indeed contagious and he has spread this people around him.I had infact imbibed this from him more.

    1,2,5 and 7 are the ones which I have been able to identify myself with. He has been so much of inspiration always! Please let flow this enthusiasm more. I am myself a budding Entrepreneur and wish to fly with wings he sells;his words for dreams,aspiration and goals.
    Thanks from all of us. Not just that you do make your presence felt but you see to it that it lingers via your words and books. We all are looking forward for many more.

  27. Dr. Deeapli Singhee

    I have yet to come across a person as wise as Mr. Chopra. Having known him for over a decade, I feel he has an insight to almost everything. His thoughts are so inspiring and make one see both sides of the coin, at the same time. I congragulate Mr. Agarwal for puting some of Mr. Chopra’s thoughts together. Good job!!

  28. I recently had the opportunity of interacting with Pradip Ji and I have found in him a friend and a guide who is not hesitant in sharing. He is a person who has successfully walked the talk and words from him have a profound meaning
    He has successfully shown that everything is possible if there is strong will. He has truly given back to the society by giving what is precious – his time
    Anun ji, a great initiative at your end. Keep up the good work

  29. Sir,all the points are amazing and as always shows us a better path for future.As I have been already doing a job from past 1 yr,i would say that almost a hundred times i was complemented for some of my good work and wisdom which i have acquired from you and your lovely books.You have always been my Ideal and an inspiring person.There is still much more to learn from you.Great thoughts!!

  30. I have never met Mr Pradip Chopra. I have come across many of his books through one of my colleague, Chayan. I have found many solutions to my work related problems from his book on time management. My colleague praises him a lot and I am also becoming one of his admirer. Waiting for an oppurtunity for meeting him.

  31. Kanchan Chaturvedi

    I am honored to get this opportunity to comment on Pradip sir’s ideologies. He is very experienced and he is contributing to the society not just by way of his amazing work in real estate but also otherwise. These key points are definitely going to show the upcoming entrepreneurs a new insight in making dreams a reality and reach the peak in a short time. The most inspiring point of all the 10 points was:
    7. You have to get up and go out to spot those fantastic opportunities. Attractive deals don’t walk in to your office.
    I completely agree with this. Opportunities don’t find you, you have to find them. You have to keep looking for the better. There’s always something better than the best.
    I am just a student and hardly know anything about business and its success secret and have learned a lot from him. Sir has the power to convince, infuse energy and I think through his books he is spreading his never say die attitude. Like every book of yours this also is going to be a huge success sir.
    Thank you

  32. i m truly inspired by his lectures…sir will change your attitude towards things in life,,, wateva field you are,you’ll surely succeed if you follow him…. proud to have him in our college…
    the above compilations are jus excellent..each point being more interesting than the other…
    great work sir…

  33. Reema Khemka (J.D.B. R.M dpt.)

    i myself don’t know what do i say about him. He is a person who has helped us in all respects he could. P.D classes had been a great help to me. It has changed my way of talkng n communicating to the outside world. His thoughts were really inspiring to us. Thankyou so much sir, for giving us your valuable time. We love you sir!!!!!!!!
    The compilation is really good and inspiring for the young and budding entrepreneurs.i basically liked point nos.2,5,7 and 10. There are always lots of oppurtunities lying behind us, its just that we have to find out what is that oppurtunity and which partner is the best to work with. Its great sir.

  34. First of all I would like to say that it was a wonderful opportunity to attend PD Class organised bt Pradip Sir. Sir have changed my way of thinking in more than one ways. I have been the fan of Sir from day one. Thanks Sir for doing so much for our Society.

    I think the compilation are really very good. I cannot find any flaw in any of the points. I can’t say which point is better than the other as I think all are very important to become a successful entrepreneur.

  35. What Pradipji says about partnership is interesting. I am a firm believer that with partnership you can leverage. When partners offer contradictory views on an issue they are able to have a better perspective of things. His own firm is a shining example of how partnership helps one make geometric progression.

  36. First of all i would like to thank sir for taking those PD classes in our college. It was a wonderful experience sir and my life changed after those classes.His lectures are so inspiring that your attitude towards life changes for the better.He has changed my way of thinkning in a lot of ways.
    Thank u sir…thank u very much for your valuable time.
    Ithink the compilation is excellent. Its really helpful for the budding entreprenuers.

  37. Sri Pradipji Chopra is my 1st cousion and I had the oppurtunity to interact with him since our childhood.Simple nature is his asset, an excellent motivator the best example is the students he is training in soft skills. Speaking more on his qualities is showing a lucifer match to the sun.

    One thing which I have learnt from him recently is as a buisnessman you should be nice. Over the years I have read many Management books where emphasis is given on smartness but no book talks of being nice as a buisnessman

  38. I have heard of Pradip Sir from a friend of mine who is doing PD classes in St. Xaviers College. From whatever I could garner from those little bits information about him from my friend I could understand that he is a great motivator. His classes have changed my friend’s views of life transforming her to a born optimist. I am outside Kolkata now but once I return to Kolkata, I wish to enroll my self for the soft skill classes so that i could also be a part of his learnings and I could be a good huuman being !!

  39. Hi,

    Pradip Sir is a wonderful person and very down to earth.He is full of optimistism.I always believed that ” there’s benefit hidden behind every event in life..”..n just look p.d. classes gave me an oppurtunity to have him as my mentor..His lectures were very valuable…

    He always says one thing n that is “DREAM BIG..”..In order to avhieve something in life we must have clear vision, high thoughts n last but not the least put our heart n soul to achieve this..This is what sir have always taught us..
    Its true oppurtunities are everywhere..we just require an eagle eye to discover benefits out of it….
    I totally agree with pt. 8..There’s no replacement for quality…There should be consistency for increasing results…
    The compilation is fantastic n is really helpful for budding entrepreneurs..
    Wish u keep on writing n come up with such valuable books…
    GOD BLESS U!!!!.

  40. These are really good points…nice gathering Mr. Arun… Well it’s a contentment to know Pradip Sir… He is a wonderful soul…and deserves to be loved… He has always inspired me. Thank u sir for all your support…
    All the points are great but point no. 5, 6, 7, and 8 are my favourites…I’ll always keep them in mind.
    Once said, in which I completely believe and is experienced by me too

    “it’s better to be exhausted with success than to be relaxed with failure…”
    keep smiling… all the best…!!!

  41. Niharika Jaiswal

    I’ve known Mr. Pradip Chopra for quiet some time now on both personal and professional level, He is a man of priciples. His ideas and thoughts have always been very inspirational and motivating. He has always seen things far beyond time and this is what gives him an expert edge. In this blog, I’ve especially liked points no. 1,2,6 and 8… These thoughts from him suggests his true entreprenual vision.
    I would like to wish Pradip Sir as well as PS Group, all the success.

  42. Today I read this article, we are also a real estate firms from Kolkata. I really inspired with those views. Thanks to Arunji. I agree with those points and really inspired my self by this.
    Thanks to all
    Rupanjan Mukherjee

  43. Respected Sir,
    In one word you are simply great,the tips are really helpful and practical.

    Thanks and regards,

  44. He is really a great motivator and visionary I liked his point that a residence cant buy a office but an office can buy a residence very true I can relate to it because I have made this mistake and have suffered will definetly change,and also I liked the point that utho, jago office se bhago because opurtunity will not come in bouquet we have to grab it.

  45. I just Came up with this artcle, I must say it is a nice article by Mr Arun Ji… The point are very relevant for now a days we cannot sit and think that business will come or happen automatically. we have to look for opportunity.
    Thanks for this article

  46. Tips are simple and very impressive. Person in service for others are always afraid of the risks involved in business.

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