World Environment Day: Take a Pledge Today

You might remember that June 5 is the World Environment Day. I suggest that you should take a pledge to add your might to the growing concern about the environment and take small steps to improve the environment. Here are some very simple tips:

  1. Switch off a light and see if you can still work comfortably. Most of the times we have too many lights on in our offices and home.
  2. Take out from the plug, all battery chargers, mobile charges and like when they are not in use.
  3. Switch off your car while you wait (at least if it will take a minute or longer) at the red lights.
  4. Before throwing a paper, see if you can use the back of the paper to plan, make casual notes or write things to do. You will help save many trees over your lifetime.
  5. Most of the times, the air conditioners can be set to a notch warmer setting after it has cooled the room.
  6. The computers and other electronic devices can be turned off in the night or when you will not be using them for a long duration.

There can be thousands of cool ideas that will help us avoid global warming and keep the earth green. You are welcome to add your tips below.