Make it as difficult to cancel your service as you can (a horrible tactic to retain customers?)

I recently got frustrated by the really bad service provided by my ISP… I had been patiently complaining and bearing up with all the lame excuses for too long… and sent them a letter requesting cancellation of my account. I was curtly told that I have to fill up a form that required all sorts of attachments including the original receipt (given to me when the account was started).

"But I cannot locate that now – can’t you check your records?", I requested them.

 I was again curtly told – "Sorry but we cannot cancel your account in that case."

Ok, so I located the original receipt and the allotment letter and all that and then I noticed a note on the form, a clause  that says – Please get a confirmation from the bank manager or a court officer that he personally knows you." How the hell does this relate to me cancelling my account?

I have no idea – do you have any?